Two Pugs One Tub
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Pug dog doing tricks.
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Doug the Pug's Bedtime
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A Pug Dog's Daily Routine
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Pug Nail Clipping
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The dog cried when he was fed after 3 weeks in the sun and the miracle happened
  • 25.08.2022
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My Dog Cried When He Was Fed After 3 Weeks in the Sun After three weeks in the sun, my dog began to cry and growl when I fed him. This was a sign that he had been in the sun for too long. I took him to the vet and he diagnosed him with thyroid disease, so we started him on a hypoallergenic, grain-free diet. It took a couple of days to get the dog to eat again, but he's now doing great.

This Pittie Was Pregnant In A Shelter When She Found The Best Family
  • 31.07.2022
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A Pittie Was Pregnant In A Shelter When She Found The Best Family A video of this pregnant pit bull's maternity photoshoot has gone viral, and the story behind it is simply heartwarming. Koko, a female pit bull, was rescued from a shelter during the height of her pregnancy. The homeward trails animal rescue group stepped in to help her. Though shy upon arrival, Koko soon became playful and became part of the family. Foster mom Cary Smith was impressed by Koko's expressiveness and photogenic personality. When Storie woke up that morning, she found herself with a litter of 12 puppies in her bed. The shelter staff were worried about Storie's health, since she was heavily pregnant. They took her to the vet and found out that she was carrying 12 puppies. After only 18 hours, Storie gave birth to her puppies. After a few days, the pups started to play, bark, and eat solid food. Noelani rescued Zia, the pregnant pit bull who was living in a Central Valley shelter. She fostered dogs and noticed the pit bull. She knew that Zia needed a home where she could give birth and be healthy. Noelani was able to help Zia give birth safely and reunited her with her loving family. The rescue group found homes for the puppies and Zia and her babies. When Maya was abandoned in a shelter, she was five months old. She was suffering from demodex and non contagious mange. Luckily, someone noticed the incident and brought her to a local animal shelter. Soon, she was adopted by FWPBC. She now has her forever family. The FWPBC is so proud of its adoption success story, which can be inspiring to those who have lost their beloved pets.

Pudgy the Pug Has Trouble Breathing
  • 30.07.2022
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Pudgy the Pug Has Trouble Breathing? 3 Easy Ways to Help Your Pug Breathe Better Is your pug having trouble breathing? Are you worried it is a sign of something more serious? Fortunately, there are ways to help your pup breathe better. Here are three easy ways to help your pug. Pugs often have trouble breathing in cold and hot weather. Limit your pug's outdoor time and avoid long walks if your pet has trouble breathing. You can also try giving your pup a bath. One of the most common causes of Pug breathing problems is her skull shape. A Pug's respiratory system consists of the nares, pharynx, and larynx. These are connected to the esophagus, also known as the windpipe. In addition, your pup's trachea connects the voice box to the lungs. Pugs have abnormalities in all of these areas, which can make it difficult for them to breathe. Excess weight can also cause breathing problems. Overweight Pugs tend to pant, which reduces airflow and causes more strain on the lungs. It's best to introduce your pug to new people gradually, and never force them to meet your Pug unless you're absolutely certain it will be a good fit. This will help you avoid the need to make frequent trips to the vet for treatment. Your pug may be suffering from breathing problems. You don't need to worry - most of these issues can be treated by following a few general care tips. You can also seek medical attention for more serious issues, such as lung cancer or an injury to the chest wall. And remember, even if your pug is experiencing breathing problems, they can still run outdoors with your help. Just make sure you take them on a walk for at least 15 to 30 minutes a day.