Pug Dog Breed and General Characteristics

Pug Dog Breed and General Characteristics

   Pugs are striking creatures with their small size and cute faces. They get along very well with children. Although they have a tendency to bite, they are especially affectionate dogs with their owners. Pugs are not very active indoors and can live in houses without a garden, so pugs are also suitable for keeping in the apartment.

Other Names for Pug Dogs and Colors of Pug Dogs

  They are also known as Pugs, Mops, and Carlin dogs. In general, pug dogs are silver and apricot brown in color. Pug dogs have black paws and feet.

Characteristics of Pug Dogs

  Pugs are very delicate animals. They are suitable dogs to keep at home. They cannot withstand extreme heat and extreme cold. Pugs are straight-legged, short and strong dogs. They look old because of their faces. They molt seasonally and are very fond of their sleep. Pugs also love to eat dog food incredibly. There is a need for regular exercise to maintain their health.

  Pugs are extremely happy, somewhat stubborn dogs that like to misbehave. They get bored very quickly from being trained, whereas they are very intelligent. Pugs are very sensitive to the voice of their owners. There is no need to punish. They understand you. They do not bark unnecessarily, they get along very well with other animals and children. Sometimes they can be jealous of the guests who come to the house, and sometimes they can get along very well with them.
Is Pug Dog Care Difficult?

  Pug breed dog care is one of the most curious subjects of people who want to feed this breed of dog in general. Pugs are among the top dog breeds that can be fed at home. Pug dogs have short hair due to their characteristics. This ensures they stay clean all day with an easy combing with a dog combing brush. Pugs do not bark excessively. You can use the dog clothes , dog beds and  dog cushions you bought for him for a long time , as they will not grow in size even if they get old . You can find all these at petburada.com , Turkey's number 1 online pet shop . All you have to do is click on the dark places!

Toilet Training for Pugs

  Although Pug dog care makes it easy for their fur, it is a little troublesome to give them toilet habits. However, once you get used to it, there is no problem. You can benefit from dog training products while training them .

Physical Characteristics of Pug Dogs
- Height in Male Pug Dogs 30 - 36 cm,
- Female Pug Dog Height 25 - 30 cm,
- Male Pug Weight 6 - 9 kg,
- Weight in female Pug Dogs is 6 - 8 kg.

  Pug dog care requires attention due to their small size. For example, pugs cannot swim well due to their short forearms. If you are planning to go on vacation with your cute dog, you should definitely buy a dog life jacket .